It hasn’t even been a week since we last rounded up rumors about the Nokia Normandy, and the Internet is once again abuzz about this supposed budget-friendly Android smartphone. This time, we have photos of an engineering prototype and the app launcher.

Nokia Normandy engineering prototype (1)

So, there you have it above: a photo of a prototype inside a case. Its appearance is still consistent with photos we’ve shown before. More interestingly, the second photo shows an operational Nokia Normandy that’s displaying the app launcher and some notification icons.

Nokia Normandy app launcher

If some theories are to be believed, the heavily customized version of Android running inside Nokia Normandy will be replacing the aging OS that’s powering the Nokia Asha line of budget phones. Android, even in a forked version, offers a more modern look, wider customer base, and more support from developers. The resulting device will still be for the entry-level market, but backed by Microsoft software and services.

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