Mark your calendars, folks. Nokia X will be having its official launch in the Philippines next week. To be exact, it’s on Tuesday (March 11).

The new Nokia X is one of the awaited smartphones, being the company’s first foray into the Android platform (albeit in a forked version—aka the Fastlane—that’s reminiscent of the Asha platform). As announced, a trio of models will be headed for emerging markets: the Nokia X (4-inch WVGA IPS, 1GHz dual core, 512MB RAM), X+ (4-inch WVGA IPS, 1GHz dual core, 768MB RAM), and XL (5-inch WVGA IPS, 1GHz dual core, 768MB RAM). However, the nearing launch is only for the first model, since the other two are slated for a Q2 2014 launch.

UPDATE: Read our Nokia X Review!

Designed to be affordable, the Nokia X is estimated to cost Php5,300 before taxes, while the X+ and XL will set users back at around Php6,000 and Php6,700, respectively.

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  1. With a massive hype that fails to deliver comes a massive fail.
    This phone is all hype, no sting, just the NOKIA logo plastered on its face.