OPPO is teaming up with a Sony subsidiary to incorporate the latter’s Lytia product brand image sensors into their upcoming flagship smartphones. OPPO says these sensors will usher in a new era of computational photography.

Per info from a tipster named Whylab, OPPO will first utilize the LYT800 sensor, which will make its debut in the Find N3 smartphone. Whylab says the high-end sensor is similar to the IMX888, another Sony sensor, but with a 1/1.43-inch image sensor format. OPPO’s sister company vivo will reportedly use the LYT800 as well in its future smartphones in the X100 series.

First unveiled in June 2023, the LYT800 is a stacked camera sensor with a two-layer transistor pixel technology, and its standout feature is the distinct separation of the transistor and photodiode layers. This innovative design leads to larger diodes, better light capture, and improved performance in low-light scenarios.


Sony Semiconductor Solutions first introduced the Lytia brand in November 2022, aiming to bring high-quality photography and videography experiences “beyond imagination” to a broader audience.

OPPO previously formed a strategic partnership with Hasselblad, another company known for its imaging technology, to develop new imaging solutions. The result of their collaboration can be found in the recent OPPO Find X6 Pro and OnePlus 11.

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