The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines has begun Season 12. The eight participating teams are already converging to battle for supremacy, with the top two performing teams qualifying for the M5 World Championship.

Let’s take a look at the current rosters of each team for this season.

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The starting lineup of AP.Bren remains intact as they enter this season following their victorious run at the 32nd SEA Games, where they clinched the gold medal. One notable newcomer is midlane substitute player Mumukid.

Kyle Angelo Sayson “KyleTzy”Jungle
David Canon “FlapTzy”EXP lane
Marco Requitano “Super Marco”Gold lane
Rowgien Stimpson Unigo “Owgwen”Roam
Angelo Arcangel “Pheww”Midlane
Vincent Unigo “Pandora”EXP lane

Blacklist International


Blacklist duo OhMyV33NUS and Wise are inactive this season but will return in the next. In their stead, there are a number of fresh faces along with Kiel “OHEB” Q.Soriano and Salic “Hadji” Imam, both of whom went on hiatus last season.

Stephen Castillo “Sensui”Jungle
Edward Dapadap “EDWARD”EXP lane
Kiel Soriano “OHEB”Gold lane
Renejay Barcase “RENEJAY”Roam
Kenneth Tadeo “Yue”Midlane
Kim Dela Cruz “Kimpoy”Roam
Lee Gonzales “Owl”Gold lane
Russel Usi “Eyon”Midlane



As the team that secured victory in MPL PH Season 11 and established themselves as the defending champions, ECHO has chosen to keep their core lineup intact. It’s the same lineup that led them to triumph in the M4 World Championship.

Jaypee “Jaypee” Cruz, who made his return to the MPL after a single season in the MLBB Development League Philippines, has replaced substitute gold laner Jian Cedric “Jian” Magtibay.

Jaypee Cruz “Jaypee”Roam
Alston Pabico “Sanji”Midlane
Benedict Gonzales “Bennyqt”Gold lane
Tristan Cabrera “Yawi”Roam
Karl Nepomuceno “KarlTzy”Jungle
Sanford Vinuya “Sanford”EXP lane

Minana EVOS


In August, Minana EVOS unveiled their 10-man roster for Season 12, with most of the core players staying on board. The sole alteration sees Lance “LansuAR” Misa taking the place of Danver “DingDR” Canja.

Brian Miles Santos “Spider-MilezAR”Roam
Oscar Romero Jr. “SumpakAR”Gold lane
Lance Cunanan “LanceCyAR”Midlane
Ken Pile “KzenAR”Jungle
Jhon Marl Sebastian “Lord JMAR”Exp lane
Borris Parro “BruskoAR”Roam
Jan Delmundo “DomengAR”Gold lane
Christian Martinez “GoyongAR”Midlane
Lance Aron Misa “LansuAR”EXP lane

Omega Esports


Ch4knu and E2MAX have returned to play for Omega Esports. The team has also revealed that they’ve enlisted Ezequiel “Spidey” Cauilan, the champion of reality contest The Greatest Gamer (TGG) Philippines.

Joshua Mangilog “Ch4knu”Roam
Carlito Jr. “Ribo”Multirole
Andrew Lew Flora “Andoryuuu”Jungle
Ezequiel Cauilan “Spidey”Jungle
Nowee Macasa “Ryota”EXP lane
Grant Pillas “Kelra”Gold lane
Patrick Caidic “E2MAX”Midlane
Jomari Pingol “Jowm”Gold lane

ONIC Philippines


Onic has a blend of veterans and promising newcomers this season. Returning mainstays from the previous season include Frince “Super Frince” Ramirez and Kenneth “Nets” Barro. Joining them are fresh faces, including Mark “Kramm” Rusiana and former Omega Esports jungler Dean “Raizen” Sumagui. Ralph “Rapidoot” Adrales is also back after focusing on his education last season.

Dean Sumagui “Raizen”Jungle
Mark Rusiana “Kramm”EXP lane
Frince Ramirez “Super Frince”Midlane
Kenneth Barro “Nets”Gold Lane
Jem EXP lane
BOSS AGold lane
Czedrick Romero “Yoshinu”Roam
John Sumawan “Perkz”Roam
Jomearie Santos “Escalera”Midlane

RSG Philippines


After a one-season hiatus, Arvie “Aqua” Antonio and MSC 2022 finals MVP Eman “EMANN” Sangco are back. Following their third-place finish last season, RSG Philippines (RSG PH) has also signed Patrick “rTzy” Grecia and Kennt “Souuul” Baesa.

Kennt Baesa “Souuul”Gold lane
Patrick Grecia “Rtzy”Midlane
Dylan Catipon “Light”Roam
Eman Sangco “EMANN”Gold lane
Arvie Antonio “Aqua”Midlane
John Abarquez “Irrad”Jungle
Nathanael Estrologo “Nathzz”EXP lane

TNC Pro Team


Former TNC Pro Team captain Jomearie “Escalera” Santos has moved to ONIC Philippines. Ben “Benthings” Maglaque now leads the team, with most of the roster staying intact. They’ve also added rookie Mark Laurence “Bao” Cabigting.

Mark Laurence Cabigting “Bao”Multirole
Ben Maglaque “Benthings”Roam
John Vincent Banal “Innocent”Gold lane
Jetson Ignacio “Goyo”Midlane
King Cyric Perez “K1NGKONG”Jungle
Kristofer Malcus Calderon “Hesu”EXP lane

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