The world has yet to see a mobile device that’s impregnable from security attacks, though a company called QSAlpha is trying to make such thing a reality through its recently unveiled Quasar IV.

The official website hardly offers any solid information beyond the tagline, “What we’ve all been waiting for.” Instead, all the promises of ultimate Android security can be found at an Indiegogo page. Yes, it’s up to the international crowdfunding community to decide if the fledgling QSAlpha can get the Quasar IV into fruition.

Quasar IV tagline

If it does happen, the device would be the “world’s first self-authenticated cipherphone,” employing sophisticated security technology to protect its user’s digital identity. Suffice it so say, the Quasar IV is what a ninja would use; it aims for adapting the Japanese assassin way of stealth and secrecy without compromising the grace and flexibility of the Android platform.

Specs-wise, the Quasar IV does come with decent hardware and software: quad-core 2.3GHz CPU, 3GB RAM, a choice between 64 and 126GB of encrypted internal storage, dual LTE, dual rear cameras, and a modified Android OS called QuaOS. The company also intends to open its own app store.

Indiegogo backers will get the device in April 2014.

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  1. famous last words.
    somehow i feel this will not be that secure.
    the NSA or even just Snowden will break it.