In about six months, the mobile space will have a device that’s capable of booting not just Android but Windows Phone OS as well. According to a report, Karbonn Mobiles plans to release such a dual OS phone by June in India.

The move comes after Microsoft apparently going easy on regulations and spreading its platform out to more device makers. If ever this device does become a reality, it would be capable of supporting the aforementioned operating systems. It won’t be like the Bluebird BM180, which only lets enterprise users choose a default OS before purchase instead of actual OS switching on the fly.

Karbonn Mobiles is keeping mum about the estimated price for this upcoming dual-OS phone. It has however indicated that it’s intended for professionals and the tech-savvy customers. After all, the average consumer won’t probably see any substantial advantage in using phones that support two operating systems.

[Source: IndiaTimes]

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