MyPhone has yet another smartphone (perhaps the last) on display at its ongoing Youth Tech Congress. The new MyPhone Rio is also a 5-inch smartphone but differs itself from the other upcoming MyPhone devices by offering interchangeable back covers.

Fully known as the MyPhone Agua Rio, this device won’t contribute to the octa-core hype we’re experiencing this year in the local smartphone scene. So no, it’s not like the higher end MyPhone Infinity phone, but having a quad-core processor run under the hood is decent nonetheless. This dual SIM capable device also offers 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal storage with microSD expansion, and a pair of cameras (8 megapixels at the back and 2 megapixels in front).

MyPhone Rio Specs

  • Android Jelly Bean
  • 5-inch capacitive touchscreen (720×1280 HD), ~294ppi
  • 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage
  • microSD support
  • 8-megapixel main camera, with LED flash
  • 2-megapixel front camera

From the pictures alone, we can assume at least three colors will be available for the interchangeable back covers. The rest of the specs are still undisclosed, so we’ve pretty much nothing else but guesswork at this point. That said, we’re hoping the unnamed MediaTek processor to be the MT6582 that’s found in the MyPhone Ocean Elite.

Update: Check out the price and full specs of MyPhone Rio here.

As this is a smartphone that we’re talking about, it’s also safe to say that all the connectivity options are available in the MyPhone Rio—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. If we’re lucky, we might even have a LTE-enabled device here, but reality suggests 3G HSPA+ connectivity at best. As for the battery, perhaps a capacity that won’t go lower than 2000mAh isn’t too much to ask. Anything more than that would mean many hours of nonstop usage on the device.

Along with the Infinity and Ocean Elite, the MyPhone Rio is expected to go on sale nationwide by the end of March. Of the three, the Rio is also expected to be priced the cheapest at less than Php8,000.

  • Ryan Dejarme

    parang iphone5c lang

    • Dave Cuesta


  • Dave Cuesta

    iphone rip-off xD

    • Eme

      So what?

      • Dave Cuesta

        iphone rip-off xD
        iphone rip-off xD

        • marvin

          and iphone 5c = lumia rip-off

        • jmarq

          actually nascan ko na to sa sm ( BAGUIO) kahapon. ang ganda talaga. maganda ang specs at yung phone mismo.. mabilis, OKAy ang cam at talagang pwede mga updated anroid application.

      • iANDROID08

        MP Fanboy spotted xD

        • Dave Cuesta

          fan girl yan xD

          • iANDROID08

            Urrgh I’m really pissed with some UNEDUCATED, My|Porn fags..

    • juan

      What are you an iphone fag who buys lame iphone brick phones just to show off your your device . Apple’s iphone were made to rip off dumb peoples money , are you one of those dumb people?

    • chinaSucks

      Lumia look alike not ur stupid Iphone!

    • sh8CM

      Kitang kita ang binabayaran ni CM para manira ky MP!
      Kawawa naman kau!
      Huhu, maninira talaga para lng magkapera!

      • kristine lumbre

        hi guiz sino ang gwapo na lalaki poidi add niyo ako

  • Jun

    MyPhone needs to fix the lack of ”default wrie to SD card” feature in their phones.

    The A919i failed miserably against the OHD 2 because of this

    • Nini

      what do you meAN THAt the a919i failed?

      • iANDROID08

        he means that Apps cannot install directly on the SD card thus consuming the alloted internal space and you cant move it without root permissions so yeah -.-

        • jr

          you need to install it first to internal then move it to sd card… and it work,,….

          • NAYBAMPIRA

            Rooting is not recommended.

          • Pepot

            I agree.. Once you rooted your phone other than voiding the warranty you cannot anymore update your phone once they had an update for this model. Plus if the rooting was unsuccessful possible things could happened are it will damage your software causing your other application to run badly or it could leave your phone permanently damaged…

    • iANDROID08


    • lol

      OS kausapin mo dyan, which means Google.LOL

  • iANDROID08

    Apple should sue them! lol I can’t believe ganto na ka cheap ang MP pati clone nirerebrand na lol poor MP xD

    • juan

      Apple should sue themeselves because thheir selling overpriced bricks and ripping off the ignorant peoples money .

      • iANDROID08

        I couldn’t help but agree xD

    • Mike

      wag kang feeling mayaman bro, nag tatanim ka lang ng kamote pa social kapa

      • iANDROID08

        well excuse me bro I can buy a phone 5 times the price of your Rio in CASH

        • kiam23

          proved it ! damn excuses ..

          • iANDROID08

            you wanna might to use PROVE instead of PROVED, oh my

          • Hector Villa

            Hey dickhead, before correcting other people’s grammar, make sure you have impeccable grammar yourself. Baka ang ibig mong sabihin e “YOU MIGHT WANNA USE PROVE INSTEAD OF PROVED”. saan namang school tinuro ang YOU WANNA MIGHT TO USE??? Taga U-belt uni ka siguro,

          • siraulo

            Burned! Haha

          • shine


            “you might wanna use a proof”
            instead of
            ” you wanna use prove”…
            cuz proof is a NOUN and prove is a VERB.. there is no such thing as” wanna use prove” sir.
            so patas lang kayo mr.Villa.

          • chillaxation05

            shine, better read or reread previous comments po, I think you misunderstood yung ibig sabihin ni Hector Villa,
            “you might wanna use a proof” is not applicable po

          • Hector Villa

            Ngayon ko lang nabasa to. Sige shine, hindi kita lalaitin kasi magalang naman ang pasok mo,hehehe. I was correcting the guy’s use of “you wanna might to use”. Kaya nga naka-quotation marks di ba? To allude to the fact that I want him to use the corrected form of his sentence. Na-gets mo na ba? Hindi mo siguro binasa kaya bigla ka na lang tumira. And as chillaxation05 pointed out, “you wanna use a proof”, while grammatical (though I’ll never use that phrase. Too awkward.), is not applicable in this case. Nice try, though. :)

        • OBSERVER ♥

          angas Ni Vector Villa! Haha :D natawa ako sa Grammar mo iANDROID8.1. Trying Hard ka kase Tsong Ee! Yan tuLoy :PP

  • markky

    Bakit porke ba nauna ang apple ngkaron ng colorful na phone line 5c sila nalang may karapatan magkaron nun?..ang stupid bitter nyo naman sa myphone… eh nokia naman nauna magka colorful na units… ang iphone lang ang nakigaya…

    • Mario

      hahahah yea tama ka!

  • stupidChina

    BTW I own one, & I’m proud of it, atleast ITS NOT A CHINA PHONE!
    Its a PINOY PHONE fyi
    social climber nga naman pa iphone2x CHINA pala!

    • kudou

      nahiya nmn ako sa iyo. lol.
      pinoy daw.. hndi daw made in china, cge push mo yan. sakaling magkakatotoo pa iyan. hahaha wla ngang kakayanang gumawa ng sariling produkto ang gumawa pa kaya dito? lol

    • kudou

      pinapahiya molang ang MP.

    • michael

      good quality ba kamo? almost 90 percent of myphones sold nowadays have dead pixels, pls check your myphone! you call that GOOD QUALITY?

      • lol

        pano mo nalaman? san mo nakuha ang statistics nyan?

    • iANDROID08

      what if I tell you that it is made in China? google mo pre para malaman mo na pati iPhone gawang China. ever heard of Foxxconn? well you better dig deeper

    • siraulo

      Compared to other mid class products (not including Samsung and Iphone of course) MyPhone is actually a good brand. It’s cheap and durable. Some may have issues with their units but who doesn’t? Event samsung and iphone have defective products out of the box. I’ve had a myphone twice now (2 diff models) and they never gave in, lasted for almost 3 years with me and I never had issues. For those who are discrediting myphone, I am going to assume that they had bad experiences with the brand, or they’re just haters. And just to correct, MyPhone is a Philippine brand, but, like any other gadget that circulates in Southeast Asia, it is also assembled in China. Not sure of the manufacturing of parts though. So that being said, let’s not diss those the people who want to buy a MyPhone, it’s their money anyways. And for those who own and plan to buy MyPhone, don’t get mad at the people who are dissing MyPhone, they could just have had a bad experience with the brand. I personally am planning on buying a rio, just so damn hard to find a store that still has them. Good vibes guys.

  • kudou

    hahaha.. kung mkareact tong mga mkaMP eh totoo nmn din kasing mukhang ripoff ng iphone5c. :3 ganyan ba kakitid utak nyo? hndi nmn kasi sinisiraan MP nyo.. sinasabi lng namn yung kung ano yung nagingobservation nla. tsk! tsk! bili bili din kasi ng mamahalin pagmatime. pati utak nyo nagiging cheap narin. ok nmn tumangkilik ng ganyang produkto. but keep ur self with a class hndi yung sumasabay dn sa kacheapan ng phone nyung dinadala. i’m not antiMP here.. infact gusto ko itong rio. konting push nlng mkakita lng ng magagandang reviews nto bibili tlga ako. sadyang nkakairita lng ang mga taong makikitid ang utak! >.<

    • iANDROID08

      ahh fanboys :v well they always act that way

    • i-kwan

      you know dude .. with your attitude lalo mo lang pinapakita sa sa iba na kakaiba ang utak mo ang kulit mo although good observant ka…. d lang kita magets kc nilalait mo nung una tas ngaun gusto mu pala haysst.l…!! :)

  • xtian

    ”default wrie to SD card” is available on this phone?

  • Mike Ibara

    It’s a matter of choice. If you have lesser budget but looking for a good phone then go for local and cheaper brands. But if you have lots of money at wala ka ng paggamitan ng pera mo then buy expensive and high quality phone. But i think myphone rio is a promising phone if they will do something about saving apps on sd card. I am actually willing to give my note2 to my bro and buy this rio for myself.

  • Marcxx101

    I bought one(blue) yesterday and everything is superb. all apps are responding properly and it’s damn FAST!

    I know hindi magsisi ung iba pag ito binili…. maganda ung specs, ganda pa ng screen display.. sobrang linaw…..

    sana ngalang may mga accessories na din to available in the market.. wala kasing screen protector and sana makakabili rin tayo nung ibat ibang kulay para sa backcover…

    for now, I’ll rate it 9/10..

    • charles

      totoo bang made of plastic siya?

  • Kulugo sa Pwet

    Iphone 5c? hahaha! di nyo ba alam natatawa nalang ang Nokia dahil ginaya ng apple ang lumia? Isipin nyo, Apple ang nanggaya sa Nokia! Eh mahilig pa naman mag sue ang apple…

    • 11

      dba po microsoft na rin ang may ari ng nokia and apple.? possible na mag gayahan talaga cla..

  • Dave Lopez

    This Iphone is better than Apple. Cheaper too…:)

  • RIO

    I like the design ! yep look just like iphone 5c.. but comes in cheaper .. I like it its affordable as if you have an isomethin XD recommended !


    Ano ang mga kapareha ng Rio at Cloudfone 500q? Same 4999 price. (Comment moved from another topic, sorry)

  • adii

    ganito na lang yung mayayaman edi bumili kayo ng mamahaling phone wag niyo na lang pakealaman ang mga wala masyadong pera.

  • kiam23

    how about the camera quality?
    I’ve seen this phone yesterday I’m planning to buy it.

  • Kira Honoo

    LTE ready/capable na ba to or meron ba syang hotspot?

    • Potchi

      Isip din,,wala pang local brand na nay lte

      • Kira Honoo

        pasensya na di naman ak ganon ka-techi. kaya ko nga tinanong kasi wala ako idea

    • Pepot

      may LTE version na din to.. Check mu MyPhone RIO LTE. 4.7 inches nga lang yung screen display unlike pag RIO lang na 5 inches.. Tong RIO was GSM,2G, EDGE, 3G, HSPA and HSPA+.. And take note that HSPA+ was as good as 4G.. Parang LTE na din ang dating… I purchase this MyPhone RIO last week and i tried using mobile data connection and promise mabilis po sya :)…

  • bryan

    i bought it yesterday! =) super satisfied ako sa phone na to.. =)

    • charles

      made of plastic ba talaga siya?

    • hazel

      ok po ba ung cam nya?
      also, ung sa RAM memory, d po ba napupuno agad bigla?
      tumatagal naman po ba ng whole day ung phone bago malobat?

  • haha

    dual sim din po ba ito?

  • morbid

    does this phone have LED notification light?

    • Pepot

      it has buddy..

  • gen

    out of stock alang mabili kahit san

  • Vince

    rumors are spreading around that MyPhone pulled out all of their stocks for Rio all over the malls. They’ve read the feedback from people and now deciding to raise the price up to 8999. I’ve been searching for the phone myself. Have been to Malls at Dasma, Las Pinas, Makati and Manila. Checked every stall for myphone rio but all of them provided me with the same reply. “Sir, OUT OF STOCK NA PO” i asked. kelan po magreplenish yung stock? NO ETA guys. Until further notice daw. Worst part is kahit sa website OUT OF STOCK NA!

    AGAIN. This are just rumors. No concrete basis until proven. Lets just hope na hindi totoo to..

    • MyPhoneAddict

      If ever ganyan ang gawin nila to increase its price, we do have other choices and baka finally mapilitan akong lumipat ng brand. Hawakan ko muna pera ko.

    • nic

      Sa gateway cubao automatic center may myphone rio po na available color yellow and red nalang

  • lovemsous

    i dont know kung bakit pagtalunan yan anyway Iphone user wla nmn kayong pakialam kung ano ang dapat bilin ng mga tao so bakit kayo nandito sa site maybe it because tinitingnan nyo rin ung specs ng MP pwede ba wag nanlalait at walang pakialaman sa pag pili kung anung dapat gamitin para phone lang pinagtatalunan nyo pa. d ako user ng iphone or Mp i just explaining my side un lang thanks

  • brian ynciong bulos

    ung camera po ba niya malinaw…. pati po ba ung led light niya

  • Scotch

    Kaya nga Vince. Yun rin nbasa ko sa site ng my phone. out of stock dw. Marami rn tlga kcng feedback. pero ewan ko sa mga taong yun. ano ba aasahan nla sa 5000 below na phone. hahay.

  • Rex

    Any news po Kung available na soya? I’m planning to buy din kasi

  • Potchi

    Bat walang mabiling rio sa kahit saang store,, rio lite lang daw,, asst

  • MyPhoneAddict

    I was looking for this phone since I was able to save enough, ngayon lang ako nahirapan bumili ng myphone unit, bwiset… pag hindi ako nakapag tiis, mapipilitan ako bumili ng ibang brand, kasi yung rio lite and the latest rio fun, very disappointing compared sa iba, anong nanyare idol myphone?!?

  • john carlo macam

    meron na po bang available ng rio sa laguna..i think maganda and masasatisfied ako sa new release ng myphone..1gb ram kasi sya and 4gb internal storage, kaya i think mabilis na siya compare sa my phone agua storm..

  • riann

    there is a stock at sm megamall but limited only…my husband wanna buy too hoping we still have stock left….guiz the price is still the same and kapag ccash may marked down pa…hope to get one tooo….

  • carlodg

    guys sa Lazada madaming stock,.kakabili q lang,.free dlvery pa..,online store xa..

    • Kris

      paano ba mababayaran sa lazada?

      • jerome

        may cash on delivery po sila

        • sheila

          pano? san i click kung cash on dilevry sa lazada? wala kasi ako credit card.

          • tnt

            babayaran mo ng cash pag nadeliver na

    • bel

      hello po, ung po ba sa lazada na nabili nyo po un po pa ay bagong version ng myphone rio? ung may nakalagay sa box na v1?

    • John Mark Arandia

      ilan days ang delivery? metro manila ako :) thanks

  • marsy

    i just bought one… pero madaling malow batt.. lalo na when i’m using the net..

    • agie

      Oo un ang probem ko..sobrang bilis ma lowbat

    • laurence

      ganun p talga andriod yan eh asahan mo na

    • Pepot

      Ganun talaga. For regular basis like call and texting matagal malolowbat yung phone but when your using wifi most especially mobile data connection ibang usapan naman yun.. The phone consumed most of the battery power pag naka on yung Wifi mu or mobile data connection..


      palitan mo ng battery, motolite pangmatagalan

  • alex n

    wala pa din replacement parts ang rio nganga pag nacra

  • red

    is this multi touch?

  • RRyan

    I just bought this phone… bat 1.5 gb lang nakalagay dito??? i thought 4gb to?

    • qazxswerty

      you’re right, i’ve just check it when I read your comment.

    • longlong

      4 gb po talaga yan .. Kaso lng almost 3 gb ho ung ROM nya kaya 1.5 gb lng ang natira ..

    • Johnjay009

      May solusyon po ba for that. If Burahin ko ung ROM ko po , What’s Next? Thanks.

  • beth

    pano ako makaka-connect sa wifi with myphone rio?

    • CHUDI U

      Mag lusi tapos un naun

  • lorenz

    Bakit ganun. 4gb internal memory ang sabi sa advertisement tapos un pala 0.98gb lang?

    • mac

      4gb talaga ROM nyan. nung nalagyan na ng OS syempre mag oocupy yun ng space sa 4gb. Depende pa sa mga apps na dinownload ng store na pinagbilhan mo..

      • lorenz

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      • lorenz

        Salamat sa reply sir mac. 0.98gb lang po kasi nakalagay sa myphone agua rio ko. Talaga po bang ganun?kasi kala ko po dapat atleast 2. Or 3. Something mahigit ang nakaindicate na nakalagay na internal memory sa agua rio ko?

  • agie

    Bumil pa lang ako kamakalawa ng rio agua thingking na mas matagal malow bat kesa 848i duo ko since 2000 ang Mah perobakit ang bilis ma lowbat?hindi man langako makatapos ng 1 movie na 1 hr 17 mins langung runing time.can u give us some advise na magawa namin.eversince myphone ang ginagamit nming brandpero mukhang etong Agua Rio nio ang palpak.

    • laurence

      pag tinawag pong android ashan na po natin na mabilis malobat wag po tayo aasa sa unit nasa pag gamit po ng user kung bakit mabilis mag loabat

  • lolong

    ok po b ang cam ng rio?, ndi nag sslowmo pag gngalaw? loud spkr dn po b ang rio?

  • Johnjay009

    Kainis !! Ang Bilis Mapuno ng internal memory ko. 1.98 gb lang. Ang Sabi 4 gb Daw. Kainis na ROM Na yan. Pero I Love This phone , ang cheap ng Price. Dismayado lang sa memory. 20 more lang ang nainstalled kong Apps. 3 Days Puno Na Sia. BAIT talaga

    • RIO Loveer

      baguhin mo sa settings ng storage gawin mong sd card para d mapunta sa Internal..

    • chris

      1.98 lng ksi ng ntirang 2gb na external storage dun mu nila2gay yung mga pix mu pag wlang sd tignan mu..

    • Pepot

      Kaya nga ginawa yung sdcard di ba.. may sdcard slot ang phone kaya kung di ka kuntento sa default memory storage ng phone bumili ka ng sdcard mura lang naman yan sa CDR King lol….

  • chudi u

    alam mo kong bakit patal ang nag gibo kang riong an

  • Marvin

    Nood kayo sa youtube root ng rio swaping memory internal and external memory yung 16g na external memory pwdng maging internal memory

  • jim suerte

    pwede b mag video call s my phone rio?



  • Lawrence20

    bat po ganon yung sa internal memory ng rio ko. 0.98gb yung total space na nakalagay dito. ibig sabihin hindi 4gb yung tunay na internal memory nito?

  • Pepot

    For me yung MyPhone Rio was a very good phone.. Lahat halos ng aspect mapa sa camera, speaker, video player, performance are all good.. Camera parang HTC One XL ko lang dn na phone klaro ang shot . Speaker thumbs up din tama lang ang volume may additional setting naman sya sa music player kung gusto mu na medyo lumakas pa. Video player?! Damn Good kasi parang lahat halos ata kaya nya i-play. Sinubukan kong mag play ng mga videos thru my usb gamit ng USB OTG, SHOOOOT!!… play agad no need to convert to mp4. Sa Calls naman klarong klaro yung boses sa kabilang line.. di basag yung boses o mahina.. Take not may sarili siyang memory cleaner no need to download other memory cleaner like DU speed booster. All applications runs smoothly as expected for quadcore… nice JOB MyPhone…

  • heidz

    Hindi na gumana ang volume nag agua rio ko
    Hindi naman siya naka mute. Kainis. Paano po ba to

    • try mo reset yung phone mo,, sa settings

  • Lawrence20

    bat po ganon yung sa internal memory ng rio ko. 0.98gb yung total space na nakalagay dito. ibig sabihin hindi 4gb yung tunay na internal memory nito?

    • Ikaw din pala, ung friend ko kasi yan din nangyari. Hindi marelease ang nawawalang 1.2gb.

    • Laudiana Manolog Ryan

      ung ROM 4gb iba ung ROM at RAM.. RAM 1gb..

  • Pepot

    4gb naman talaga yung internal memory nyan.. Nababawasan sya since ginagamit na ng system ng phone yung ibang memory like system cache or other related.. Lahat halos ng android phone ganyan talaga.. Bilhan mu na lang ng sdcard since mura na lang din naman ngayun.

  • Rey

    Kabili ko lang…Swak Tlga Ang Ganda….V2 NA ung Rio nGaun Sa mEga MAll

  • Bobjane

    malakas ba speaker ng ringtone? ska malakas din ba flash ng camera?

    • Anonymous

      Pano naman ung mismong camera

  • Pepot

    yup!! speaker and camera flash are so good.

  • Ana Cuyos-Rico

    Hi ask LNG out of stocks parin po ba ang agua Rio.gusto kuna tlg kc bumili wala store ng rob.tnx

    • jpino

      Meron ako sir baka gusto mo bumili. 09272805134

      • bogsz halili

        sir my alam k din po bang bilihan ng back cover ng agua rio ung may design ?? tnx!!

  • Pepot

    I terms of gaming myPhone Rio performs well and smoothly. Games like Dungeon Hunter 3, Dead Trigger 1&2, Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3 those games performs very well in this device. Smooth and no lags even after 3 weeks old of playing those games in my Rio.. Well not all games are compatible in this device just like “Crazy Taxi” kasi nga Mali 400 lang yung GPU nito.. But on other HD games well this phone Rocks..

  • jam

    Panu po gamitin yung zooming ng camera ng rio? Tnx

    • guest999

      use fingers to zoom in

  • Jayson Rolle

    Hi. Ask ko lang po. Kakabili ko lang kase ng Rio. Agua. Ngayon po . May problem ako. Pag nag send po ako ng multiple message. (Group message) Hindi po nasesend. May alam po ba kung pano ? Salamat

    • guest999

      bili ka ng load

    • Laudiana Manolog Ryan


  • ALMA

    I bought myphone agua rio on September 22, 2014 after 2 weeks October 06, 2014 Sira na agad black out yung screen nia . Ni minsan di ko nbagsak yung item .. What do i expect? Napunta ako sa store Robinsons Malate ayaw irreplace yung item dalin ko daw sa Service Center at Kalaw St. I went there October 07,2014 they said that oorderin pa yung software para mgawa yung cell ko after 2 weeks ko pa daw mkukuha? and kung nabgsak ko daw or etc. etc i will pay 400 pesos for the repair? HELLO? 1st time ko nagtry bumili ng MYPHONE and im very disappointed sa quality and service nila.. and i want them to refund my money ayaw nilang pumayag .. i just used the cell 2 weeks after that cra na … WALANG KWENTA MYPHONE…NKKADISMAYA , PAGOD LNG INABOT KO KAKATAWAG WALA PA DIN SAKIN CELL KO..

  • JJB

    Bkit yung agua rio ko walang theme sa display settings unlike sa friends kung agua rio din gamit?

    • nam

      Ung sakin din wala..white lng..pti ung icons sa settings (bluetooth, wifi, sim management, etc. ) walang themes and scene settings. Hnd naman sana fake ‘to.

      • January Marie Adriano

        Try using GO launcher po para sa themes po ung rio ko po n personalise k n po pti ung icon ang messenger

        Take note lng po di lahat napapalitan ang icon dipende lng po sa theme n gamit po at may hiwalay po n Go launcher po para messenger pero po pati keyboard and font and even ung color pwede palitan…..

        • Ping

          Battery drainer yung GO Launcher

          • January Marie Adriano

            I changed to dodol try mo

    • Ping

      Theme ba hinahanap mu o Font colors? As of theme merun sa setting naman.. Kung font colors default na talaga yung white… There are so many apps in the in the apps store you can download if you want to change the font colors of your text…

  • Ricardo Trinidad Morga Jr.

    i have my phone agua rio fun, i just brought it 2 months ago, today, the pre installed main menu SETTING is missing..pls help me to restore it, its hard to use the phone without the seeting menu…need reply asap…tks

  • Roxette Zamora

    Hi bakit 2 gb lang yung internal storage dun? Yun yung total space na nkalagay? Dba dpat 4 gb?

    • tignan mo op ulit te… ram at rom

      • Roxette Zamora

        Thank you po :)

    • Dan

      4GB ang total ROM (Storage) pero 2GB lang ang usable dahil iyong 2GB ay ginamit sa mga pre applications at OS.

      • Roxette Zamora

        Thank you po :)

      • Ung kakilala ko, 1.2gb is missing at hindi magamit. Me bugs ba tong phone na to?


    Hello po. Ask ko lng po wla ba tlagang notification na mg papop up sa screen ng myphone rio? Hassle kasi kung always mag swipedown pra mkita if may notification ka lalo na pag nagdadrive.


      dont use your cellphone when you drive

  • jan

    may nabibili bang flip cover ang my phone rio

    • khulet

      merun po. . .may leather case nga aq

  • jean

    Possible po ba palitan yung lense cover ng camera sa agua rio?

  • January Marie Adriano

    Got my phone agua rio 2 weeks ago swerte lng kc ung v2 and kitkat ung mabili nmin for the same price i love My|Phone uberrrrr satisfied ako…..↖(^▽^)↗

  • sophia

    pano po ang screenshot ng my phone rio fun

  • carmelo

    peron po ba nito sa robinsons place lipa o sa batangas

  • Chii Chaii

    Ask ko lang po if anu po pde gawin? I have myphone agua rio. Prob ko po is on and off ung signal nya. D ko po sure kung sa network ang prob or sa phone. D ko naman madala kng san ako bumili kc kinuha nila ung parang warranty netong phone ko.

  • Jun Pua

    Pwd po i connect s tv my phone rio q? Example my gusto aq i watch video or movie?

  • Isabel Sai Superio

    bakit po sobrang baba po ng internal memory ng aqua rio wla png 1 gb? pde po b plakihin mb capacity? kc 2 applications lng dinownlod insufficient memory n agd

    • John Cedrick Mascardo

      Baka po myphone rio fun ang gamit nyu ganyan po ang cellphone ng classmate ko na myphone rio fun nag install po siya ng facebook pag tapos po nun insufficiect memory na po… Sa tingin ko lang po…

  • eljun aviles

    sir baket po ganun? pag mag aunli ako ng untxt sa sim ko gamit ang agua rio ay lumalabas ay field baket po ganun ? peo pg ibang phone gamit ko nakakapag unli aman ako bat po ganun? Please Help me.

  • Maricar Arroza

    bat po ganun wala naman akong iniinstall sa phone co “AGUA RIO” pero bat may internal storage running out na lumalabas

  • Robert Abad

    bkit mdali mafull un 1gb ram nya? unlike nun iba brand..

  • Bhelle B Badrina

    hi po , my problem po ako sa my phone agua rio ko i bought my phone la november then last night bigla nalang syang namatay wala naman akong ginagawa saka di ko naman siya ginamit that time then dinala ko sya sa paggawaan ng cp sabe kailangan daw ireprogram tapos pibabalikan samen kinabukasan tapos pagbalik namen sabe di na daw kaya maayos di na daw marecover ask ko lang po kung ano yung main reason kung bakit biglang namatay saka bakit di na marecover ? thanks .

  • Bhelle B Badrina

    hi po , my problem po ako sa my phone agua rio ko i bought my phone last november then last night bigla nalang syang namatay wala naman akong ginagawa saka di ko naman siya ginamit that time then dinala ko sya sa paggawaan ng cp sabe kailangan daw ireprogram tapos pinababalikan samen kinabukasan tapos pagbalik namen sabe di na daw kaya maayos di na daw marecover ask ko lang po kung ano yung main reason kung bakit biglang namatay saka bakit di na marecover ? thanks .

  • nilo

    Mahilig kc kau bumili ng myphone wlang kwenta!

  • Annonymous

    My aqua Rio myphone screen is broken I need help on how to get a screen as replacement I am in Monrovia Liberia. I will really appreciate any help please.