With Singapore’s network operator SingTel launching its commercial 300Mbps 4G LTE-Advanced service tomorrow August 23, what better way to celebrate it than having a smartphone that can support such speedy connectivity? The Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+ is confirmed to launch in that country on the same day.

Yes, it’s basically the same Galaxy S5 phone that we’ve given a rave review, but the 4G+ variant also has its own unique features. That it supports LTE-A connectivity is obviously one. It also sports a faster Snapdragon 805 processor. But unlike the Korea-exclusive S5 LTE-A, the 4G+ doesn’t have a Quad HD (1440×2560) resolution, just Full HD (1080×1920).

All other features we’ve known and loved in the S5 (and its earlier spinoffs) are present in the 4G+: IP67 certification for water and dust protection, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, and others.

A Samsung Galaxy Alpha 4G+ (as the name implies, it’s an Alpha follow-up) is also stated to arrive in Singapore in September.

Sadly, there’s no word yet if the Philippines will ever get the same treatment in the near future. But given that Smart is also preparing its so-called 5G network, we could be the next to get an LTE-A smartphone.

[Via AndroidCommunity]

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