Last week, Xiaomi celebrated its 4th birthday. And to commemorate that event, the MIUI 6 was launched, bringing major changes and a fresh new design to Xiaomi’s custom Android ROM.

First off, it’s hard to not to notice the similarities between MIUI 6 and iOS 7 for Apple devices. Xiaomi’s latest version of its custom ROM is notable for flattening its icons and streamlining the interfaces for several apps, pretty much what the iOS 7 did when it departed from the old, skeuomorphic design of iOS 6.

But whether you deem it outright imitation or just inspired, MIUI 6 is admittedly beautiful and fresh. Besides interface changes, version 6 also adds new features that 70 million MIUI users will surely appreciate. These include the ability to identify unknown numbers, large-screen optimizations, new gestures, a smarter notification system, improvements in security, and more.

The MIUI 6 is expected to be publicly available in October. It’s also the default ROM found in the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone, which itself is yet to release here in the Philippines. While waiting, here’s a video that shows a quick overview of the new design:

[Source: Xiaomi Philippines]

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