Smart has recently made its Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 postpaid plans available for pre-orders. If you can afford the monthly expense and initial cash out, the plans seem to be a great deal.

Per Smart’s online store, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 can be had under four different Signature Device Plans. Starting with the cheapest plan, you will be spending at least ₱100,176 over a two-year period. But considering that the phone itself has an SRP of ₱109,990, it’s almost like you’re paying only for the phone if you choose Plan S, M, or L.


Making the plans even more enticing for customers is the bundled freebies with an overall worth of ₱52,198. As mentioned in Smart’s official pre-order announcement, approved pre-orders will come with a year’s worth of Samsung Care+ service, a ₱2,000 store voucher that can be used at Samsung’s online store for a Z Fold 2’s Genuine Leather Cover and, best of all, a 55-inch Samsung UHD TV (2020).


Smart will only be accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 until September 24. The Z Fold 2 was officially unveiled on September 1, succeeding the original Galaxy Fold.

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