January is an exciting month for the local tech scene, as it marks the arrival of octa-core smartphones. First among the bunch is the Starmobile Diamond X1, whose specs have been unveiled little by little. It also got scored in the AnTuTu benchmark, too.

To recap, last month’s teasing of the Starmobile Diamond X1 describes it as a 6-inch phablet with an octa-core processor, which is later confirmed to be the 1.7GHz MediaTek MT6592. Also verified are the amount of RAM (2GB), OS (Android 4.2.2), and cameras (18 and 8-megapixel shooters with back-illuminated sensors).

The good folks from Unbox.ph have also revealed how the Starmobile Diamond X1 fares against the competition. As benchmarked in AnTuTu, its healthy score above 27,000 puts this local device right along with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Starmobile Diamond X1 AnTuTu benchmark score

Though it’s still the early half of January, expect to hear more about the Starmobile Diamond X1 soon.

[Source: Unbox.ph]

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  1. Diamon X1 performs very well and I really love this phone allot. Only one thing I observe was the blurry of the screen or some kinda shadow on it. Oh well that’s not the case since my unit is still under warranty. My major problem was #Starmobile services really terrible, slow and disappointing yet I didn’t expect this kind of a service that you are serving.

    I send them the unit for repair last October 12, 2014 and until now they haven’t repaired it, why? because they always say they are just waiting for the parts. What!!! first of all before you release a new product make sure you already have the replacement kit on your stock and no body releases any item without that. Okay, so I’m loosing my temper and would like to request a warranty extension of the unit since it’s already staying with them for “too long” and you know what they say “No sir that is not possible” -What! I can’t really imagine what kind of service you have.

    Friends, relatives, forums and blog recommendation is a highly recommended phone but once your phone is dead…GOOD LUCK!

    1. bro i feel ya,,also had my phone repaired,,i gave my phone around september,,i asked how long it would take,,they said 3 months,,and am like what??!!,,,but since i need to have it repaired i had no choice but wait,,,after 3 months it wasnt still available,,i received my phone on the 4th month,,,the hell,,and yeah about the parts,replacement parts should already be avalable,,,i was really furious,,i even tried to find the president of starmobile in facebook to complain,but i didnt i felt like it was s rude hahah,,so to those starmobile users out there take care of your phones

      1. oh and i forgot about the camera,,,it may be 18 mp but it kinda is disappointing,,a samsung 13mp is even better,,i had high hopes for this phone,,dang wasted money on it