Canonical has dreamt big by combining the desktop computer with the smartphone into a single platform. In order to find out if there’s really a demand for their Ubuntu Edge “superphone,” the company is appealing directly to the masses, asking for $32 million crowdfund to build 40,000 units.

The one-month fundraising campaign has already started through the Indiegogo service, with online payments handled by Paypal. The pledge amount costs only $600 today, while the remaining 29 days requires $830 from each person. Each pledge entitles its contributor one device unit, which is expected to be shipped in May 2014.

In the unfortunate scenario where the targeted $32 million is not reached in time, Canonical will not go through manufacturing the phone. However, the company is still interested in creating the phone through its own resources, but only if enough phone carriers express interest.

The Ubuntu Edge is an innovative smartphone that not only runs Android while users are on the go, but also boots into a full-blown Ubuntu desktop operating system when docked to a monitor. Technical specs are yet to be decided, but Canonical is planning on a quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB internal storage, along with a 4.5-inch HD display and the latest wireless connectivity.

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