After introducing to the world a handful of innovations that shaped the smartphone space as we know it, vivo is once again showing its leadership status in the field with yet another breakthrough technology—the Photochromic technology.

The company describes Photochromic technology as the first-ever modernization that enables a smooth changing of color on smartphones’ backplates in response to ultraviolet (UV) rays or sunlight exposure.

Adding a touch of dynamics into the overall scheme, vivo’s Photochromatic technology also features layers of color grading effect, helped by the back panel’s anti-glare and scratch-resistant glass.

The changing of hue, in essence, makes a smartphone with the new technology appear fresh with every change—therefore, adding more to the appeal, the uniqueness, and the style of the device.

In kicking off the trend, vivo has launched a handful of smartphones with said innovation in place—the “V” series, consisting of V23, V25e, V25 Pro, V25 5G, and V27 5G.

vivo V27 5G


Already out in the market since March 2023, the vivo V27 5G features the second iteration of the Photochromic technology on the Emerald Green colorway, which gives off a darker shade of green when hit by sunlight.

Being a comparatively more advanced technology, it provides a faster and higher sensitivity to light when changing color tones.

vivo V25 series


Despite the older entries in the V line-up, the V25 series—V25e, V25 Pro, and V25 5G—also has Photochromic 2.0.

In terms of the color scheme dynamics, the V25e changes from gold to orange; while the V25 5G, despite having three unique colorways—Aquamarine Blue, Diamond Black, and Sunrise Gold—only has the Sunrise Gold change in color to an Orange-Red hue.

The V25 Pro, which comes in two variations, the Surfing Blue and Starlight Black, has a little extra special in that it changes color according to changing angles in addition to sunlight exposure, which adjusts its paint from light blue to a darker shade of blue.

vivo V23


Harboring the older version of the Photochromic technology—version 1.0—the vivo V23 may be the least advanced among the available offerings, which shows the feature at its slowest.

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