Vivo’s newest midrange smartphone has officially arrived in the Philippines last month. Unlike its predecessor, Vivo V11 is a couple of thousands more expensive which means it isn’t as affordable as its other siblings.

But the rise in cost is probably because of the upgrades in the hardware department. Vivo V11 now has a more powerful processor, which is in the same league as their current flagship, the Vivo X21. RAM has been increased to 6GB and screen-to-body ratio has been improved to 91.27% thanks to its tiny halo notch.

Probably its most important feature is the innovative in-display fingerprint scanner. As the name suggests, it’s hidden underneath the display which is only possible with the use of an AMOLED panel.

In case you want to buy this new smartphone, you can head to any Vivo stores and shell out Php19,999 outright. But if you want to get it on a monthly installment basis, the Vivo V11 is also available on Home Credit installment plans. Check out the table below for details regarding downpayment, monthly cost, and total contract price.

Vivo V11 Home Credit9 months (0.6137%)12 months (5.4502%)18 months (5.4502%)24 months (5.4501%)
Monthly Payment
(inclusive of Php166 insurance fee)
(inclusive of processing fee)
Total Contract PricePhp22,430.04Php27,429.48Php31,308.72Php35,409.36


Vivo V11 Home Credit9 months (0.6151%)12 months (5.4514%)18 months (5.4511%)24 months (5.4508%)
Monthly Payment
(inclusive of Php166 insurance fee)
(inclusive of processing fee)
Total Contract PricePhp22,369.04Php26,653.64Php30,121.1Php33,778.4

The tables above are for Php6,000 and Php8,000 downpayments, respectively. If you want to make a larger downpayment, the installment plan will also adjust the monthly fee accordingly.

To apply for a Home Credit loan, go to any Home Credit representative at gadget stores in malls and ask about the Vivo V11.

While we’re working on our full review of the Vivo V11, you can check out more of our coverage here.

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