Is the regular Xiaomi Mi 5 not fast enough for you? A new variant with beefed-up CPU, GPU and RAM is currently available online for $300. It’s called the Xiaomi Mi 5 Extreme.

At least that’s what the name is in the product page on Chinese retailer GOME’s website. Both the standard Xiaomi Mi 5 and the Extreme edition feature a Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics and 3GB of RAM. However, the latter’s CPU, GPU and RAM are overclocked to 2.15GHz, 624MHz and 1866MHz, respectively.

In comparison, the former’s innards are clocked at 1.8GHz, 510Mhz and 1333MHz, respectively. Note that the battery capacity remains the same at 3000mAh, which means the Extreme Edition may have a shorter battery life—overclocking can have a significant impact on battery life.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 sells for 1999 CNY, or approximately $298 or Php14,150. Colors to choose from are black, gold, purple and white.

[Source: GOME]

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