China hopes to fight the spread of false information by displaying user locations using their internet protocol (IP) addresses.

The social media networks that will receive this feature are China’s own version of Instagram called ‘Xiaohongshu’ as well as their versions of Tiktok which are ‘Kuaishou’ and ‘Douyin’—both video-streaming platforms. Quora-like website, Zhihu, will also have this update.

According to Xiaohongshu, users that are within China will have the name of the province they are currently in displayed on their profile pages. Meanwhile, if the user is outside of China, country names will be shown instead. For Zhihu, the locations will be displayed next to the posts.

As of current, social media platforms in China are not required to show user locations. However, this update will soon be rolled out as part of the country’s efforts to combat malicious online activities such as misinformation or impersonation.

Strict and complex as it may sound, China has been known to create laws regarding the use of technology—particularly online activities—to ensure that the people maintain self-discipline and respect within cyberspace.

Source: Insider

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