Facebook enables cross-messaging between Instagram and Messenger


Making interactions easier among Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram users, Facebook announced today that it would be implementing a chat integration between the three platforms.

In effect, the newly implemented feature will allow users from any of the aforementioned platforms to converse with one another via chat. A case that was previously impossible due to the lack of channel that sets a pipeline for communication across platforms, particularly between Facebook/Messenger and Instagram.


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But it is not a worldwide rollout just yet. Still in its testing phase, only a handful of users will get to try the new feature first-hand while the rest of the world remains oblivious as to how it pans out. It is not disclosed, however, which regions are going to be a part of the trial.

Those who become part of the event will see themselves informed via a notification, suggesting “a new way to Message on Instagram.”

Instagram users with an updated version of the app should see notable visual change with the application with the replacement of the old DM icon with a Messenger icon.

Source: The Verge

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