Old Huawei devices may not get future Google software updates


Following the expiration of a license that grants Huawei the privilege of dealing with American companies for its business and an imposed trade ban by the US, Huawei is stuck in a dilemma that could see its older products in a very uncertain disposition, involving software updates.

Despite the US government’s stern approach after seeing the Chinese company as a threat, a reprieve (temporary general license) is set in place that seems to alleviate the outright banning of Huawei services, particularly in the state’s rural areas where there’s a massive adoption of Huawei products.


While this would also mean that any Huawei product manufactured before May 16, 2019 could still get future updates from Google in light of the temporary general license, it comes with a catch. The condition being that Huawei should not be doing anything disruptive in the Android ecosystem, pointing out that none of it should break the compatibility of certain apps.

Yet, the potential for older Huawei devices not getting an update is still an issue not altogether removed. This primarily boils down to the process of Google certifying every update that Huawei would be pushing on its manufactured devices, which could pose a conundrum given the lack of a license (not the reprieve) and the trade ban still in effect.

Source: The Washington Post | Via: XDA

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