Facebook just acquired another asset up on their sleeve as they get hold of Face.com. As we can remember, Facebook made viral moves the last couple of months in relevance to the further expansion of the biggest social networking site to date. This includes the acquisition of Instagram, the slight switch from freemium to premium apps, launch of their own camera app, and now — a facial recognition technology bagged in.


Everyday, thousands and thousands (or even millions) of pictures are being uploaded in Facebook and many of them doesn’t have tags. With the help of Face.com, the auto-tagging feature will be enhanced and the facial recognition will eventually be the one to make the tag in the backend. Thus, it will trigger more notifications.

Why would Facebook care for that?

We could simply formulate a simple assumption on that. See this one:

• more tags = more notifications

• more notifications = more traffic

• more traffic = increase in revenue

This illustration is only an example and NOT claimed to be true in any way. This is just to show why and how can Face.com possibly contribute to the growth of Facebook. I just hope that this will be an optional feature because I believe everybody don’t want to get tagged on their not-so-good photos. By the way, the rumored deal was said to be $100 million. We will learn more about Facebook’s plans in the upcoming weeks as the reports become more mature.

What can you say about this new development on Facebook? Do you Like it or not?

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