NFTs have been the talk of the town, and Meta, the giant company behind Facebook and Instagram, wants in on it.

According to a report from The Financial Times, Meta is thinking about allowing Facebook and Instagram users to create, showcase, and sell NFTs on the platforms.

The report claims that Meta’s NFT plans are “at an early stage and could yet change.” It’s said that a group of people from Facebook and Instagram are “readying” a new feature that will allow users to display NFTs as profile pictures. They are also said to be working on a prototype that will allow users to mint new NFTs.


It’s also reported that other people from Meta are talking about the possibility of launching a dedicated marketplace for its users to buy and sell NFTs.

Then again, it looks like the plans are in their early stages with official announcements still far away. But once it’s out, having Facebook and Instagram’s support will boost the NFT in the mainstream scene.

Source: The Financial Times

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