Facebook has revealed that 1 billion messages are being sent on the Facebook Messenger platform each month between businesses and users; families, friends, acquaintances and the like.

Perhaps that explains why the company is trying to monetize the platform. Of course, there are businesses which are waiting on the sidewalks to take advantage of the Facebook Messenger ads platform whenever Facebook decides to open it up for advertising.

According to a recent Facebook post, the US company will commence testing ads with a test group of persons in Australia and Thailand who will start seeing Facebook ads on their Facebook Messenger app. The ads will be displayed on the Messenger home screen just below recent conversations just the way birthday notifications or list of users who are currently active appear if you are using the app on iOS.

You really shouldn’t be worried that your Facebook Messenger app is getting invaded as the Messenger team has assured that the ads won’t be intrusive.  They’ve assured that the ads won’t show up inside a conversation but only on the home screen. Also, there is the option where users can choose to hide or report specific ads, and only users can initiate a conversation with advertisers. Those are fair enough, but we believe Facebook will release a clear cut terms and conditions that would spell out what to expect and what not to.

The Facebook Messenger ads feature is not yet rolling out to all users immediately. Instead, the Messenger team has indicated that the small group of Thailand and Australia-based testers would test the feature thoroughly before the tech giant will roll out the feature globally.

If you don’t want ads to pester your conversations, perhaps you should consider moving to another platform or get out of Facebook permanently?

Source: Messenger Blog

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