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Facebook will notify users when sharing old news


Facebook, the popular social media platform, is actively taking steps to prevent misinformation by giving users notification when sharing articles that were published from 3 months prior and beyond.

Facebook rolled out the feature last June 25, which then prompts users whether to continue or refrain from sharing an information that is 90 days old or later.

The issue primarily boils down to the information’s timeliness which some users would often mistake for something “news-worthy” when it’s actually several days, weeks, months, or years already from the past.

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Aside from encouraging users to share relevant and timely information, Facebook seems also proactive in taking measures to offset the proliferation of fake information, particularly topics that concerns the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While a controversial move, Facebook attempts to do so by censoring the material being shared if not passing the platform’s standards for authenticity and then redirecting it to a more credible source.

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