Several weeks ago, a lot of Facebook users received an email stating that their accounts require advanced security from Facebook Protect, and that they must enable it by a certain date, or they will be locked out.

The email has a suspicious subject of “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect,” which made users doubt its authenticity. Some even thought it’s a phishing message or spam, so many chose to ignore it.


As it turns out, it was legit and it really came from Facebook. Meta says ‘Facebook Protect‘ was designed for people who are usually targeted by cyber criminals like government officials, human rights defenders, and journalists. However, it’s not limited to a certain set of people, as Facebook still recommends turning on two-factor (2FA) for extra safety of accounts on the platform.


According to the email from, users were given a March 17 deadline to activate Facebook Protect. Those who didn’t comply are reportedly having trouble accessing their accounts now.

Facebook posted information on what to do if users have been locked out, but some say it’s not working for them. The company says it’s currently working to resolve the issue.

Via: 9to5Mac

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