To give its users more control over what they see on their news feed, Instagram revealed that a new feature called Sensitive Content Control option is coming soon on the social media platform.

Its parent company, Facebook, detailed that the Instagram Sensitive Content Control option is accessible on the platform’s settings menu.

By default, the content preferences are set to “Limit”. But if you want to see more sensitive content, you can go with the “Allow” option.

Instagram users can also customize their feeds even more by choosing to see more or less of certain sensitive content by going with the “Limit Even More” option.

Users who will change their minds can adjust the settings whenever they want. However, Instagrammers 18 years old and below are prohibited from using the “Allow” option.



So, what constitutes as sensitive content on Instagram? The post on its newsroom says that such content “… don’t necessarily break our rules, but could potentially be upsetting to some people — such as posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent.”

Although, it’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram are quite sloppy on deciding what they decide as sensitive content.

This move is just one of Instagram’s many plans to allow its users to customize their news feeds. Previously, the platform rolled out a feature that allows users to delete up to 25 comments by batch. They were also given a chance to block or restrict a bunch of people from their undesirable comments.

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