Congressman Mike Defensor, the representative of Anakalusugan Party-list, filed a resolution at the House of Representatives seeking an inquiry into the methods Facebook uses to censor content in its platform.

Recognizing that Filipinos spend time on social media the most, House Resolution No. 2112 wants clarification on the “information censorship methods” of Facebook as its power to allow or inhibit content can heavily influence the country’s politics and national security, among others.

The resolution was filed after Defensor said that he was blocked by Facebook from accessing his personal account and his party-list group account.

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Apparently, the accounts were blocked because Defensor gave an analysis on the global health issue, specifically on how the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin reportedly reduced cases of COVID-19 infection in Uttar Pradesh, India.

As of July, health experts in the Philippines remain undecided on using ivermectin as prophylactic or treatment for COVID-19, preferring to wait on the results of trials being conducted in other countries.

Source: Inquirer

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