Sony has released a new model for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. As to why the company has done it without much fanfare, that’s because there’s little to differentiate it from the previous model.

With a model number CFI-1102A, this new iteration of the Digital Edition of the PS5 is 300 grams lighter at an overall weight of 3.6 kilograms. After reportedly receiving complaints on the stability of the launch edition (model number CFI-1000B), Sony has also revised the stand design.

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This optional stand design now comes with a new type of screw that doesn’t necessarily require a screwdriver anymore. The screw comes with a new head that gives a better grip so you can fasten the thing into the stand by hand.

Other than these two, there doesn’t seem to be any other revision made to CFI-1102A. It’s more or less the same digital-only edition that, together with the disc version, is still hard to find these days.

Source: Press Start

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