The “Mi” branding, which Xiaomi has been using on almost all products since the beginning, will be retired.

Chances are, are more familiar with the brand Mi than Xiaomi itself. Before Xiaomi was divided into different sub-brands like Redmi and POCO, the Mi brand is Xiaomi’s flagship line for years spanning smartphones, audio devices, household products, and more.

Recently, the Xiaomi Mix 4 has been released, and as you may have noticed, the “Mi” branding is now missing. Apparently, this is just the first Xiaomi product to have this omission. The move was confirmed by a company representative to XDA developers.

Having it start with the Mix 4 makes sense considering it’s one of the most grandiose lines from the company being only released a couple of years apart and sporting the best technology the company has to offer.


For a quick history lesson, Xiaomi CEO and co-founder Lei Jun previously revealed that the word “Mi” stands for Mobile Internet and Mission Impossible. The latter is quite fitting for the company since they’ve made their name by creating top-notch products at incredibly reasonable prices — something that they were able to bring in the smartphone industry, as well as tons of others: wearables, audio, other mobile accessories, and even household and kitchen products, robots, scooters, and more.

Now, it’s not clear if Xiaomi’s logo and website URL, which prominently features the “Mi” branding, will be changed too.

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