TikTok has introduced a couple of changes that enhance restrictions on teenagers.

First off, TikTok said that they are tightening the app’s private messaging restrictions. From the PM ban imposed to under 16-year-olds, now, those who are 16 and 17 will have their private messaging disabled by default. Users can enable it manually in the account settings.

TikTok will also stop sending push notifications to 13-15 year-old users after 9 PM and 16-17 year-olds after 10 PM. The company explains that this will lessen the pressure to interact put to these teens, at least at those specified times which research revealed has a high possibility to be exposed to the pressures of social media.


Moreover, TikTok videos from users 16 and below will no longer be downloadable — at least the official way. This default setting can be revised in the settings.

These users will also get a pop-up every time they post a video to let them choose who is allowed to see their videos.


The company says these features will give teens a better understanding and control on who and how their content is being consumed.

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