Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, is closing down on March 21, 2021, as per an announcement in a blog post.

In anticipation of the imminent shutdown, no new Periscope accounts will be created following the application’s next update.

Twitter acquired Periscope prior to its launch back in 2015, at the time when live streaming was still a relatively fresh and novel happening.

Like today’s live stream platforms, the highlight of streaming live upon its conception is about connecting with the audience, typically en masse, as it happens, often tackling topics about ongoing events or something more intimate as doing Q&A with fans—anything that results in massive public engagement.


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While the appeal of live streaming lasts even to this day, the decision to close Periscope from the public has its good reason. In particular, because of its “unsustainable, maintenance mode state.” Meaning to say that the app is costing Twitter more than it’s worth keeping up and that user growth is on a standstill.

Aside from the aforementioned, other factors that play role in Periscope’s slated demise are Twitter’s procurement of video chat app, Squad, the launch of Fleet, and the fact that Periscope’s capabilities, independent of the app, were already embedded within Twitter itself.

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