macOS Mojave Wallpaper

Not everyone can openly admit they love Apple. But if there’s one thing that truly makes Apple products worthy of anybody’s affection, it has got to be its beautiful wallpapers. While most of these images are nothing but a thing of the past now, there is literally a way to download all of them if you would wish to do so.

Luckily, there is still someone who we could consider as a diehard Apple fan who collects these background pictures and wallpapers. At Reddit, he is named as Nucleam. True to the label of a collector and an Apple fan, his compendium of both Mac and iPhone/iOS background images is extensive. The compendium dates back from the beginning of iPhone with iOS 1 in 2007 and goes beyond the early years of Mac in 1999.

If you’re also an Apple fan at heart with fond memories from any of those wallpapers, there is no better way to reminisce on the sweet memory than to download these images for personal keeping.

iOS 7 and iOS 8 Wallpapers

To download all the old Mac and iOS wallpapers up to the latest version, check out the links below:

However, while the Redditor does showcase and even allows the downloading of the images of his Mac and iPhone wallpapers collection for free, Nucleam is not shy about asking for donations for the effort he had placed in getting all of them in a single location on the internet. We also expect the list to get updated as Apple release new wallpapers.

Knowing how small amounts accumulate over time, even a single dollar from a single person will pool to a significant amount over time. So, if you’re feeling generous, why don’t you throw the guy a dollar or two for his effort?

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