Dr. Stone has just officially reached the end of its manga earlier this year. Although, a special chapter is also announced for release later in 2022.

While that may be enough to keep fans hooked in the franchise for a little longer still, those who would prefer to see the series in moving format would instead be delighted to see another season in the anime, which is in the works and coming next year.

Dubbed “Dr. Stone: New World,” the upcoming season is slated for release in April 2023 and will see the return of protagonist Senku—the genius teen who vies to resurrect humanity, bring back civilization, and discover the cause that led to the petrification of the people.

Although we may still be months away from enjoying Dr. Stone in its newest season 3, fans would at least enjoy themselves with a special episode that’s about to air this week. It will revolve around the new main character Ryusui Nanami, whom we already identified as the inheritor of the Nanami Conglomerate, as well as an expert seafarer.

Voice acting-wise, there is nothing new in store as far as the original crew is concerned. Lending their voice talents again as the vocals behind the main characters, Senku and Taiju, are Yusuke Kobayashi (Food Wars) and Makoto Furukawa (One Punch Man), respectively.

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