Four Pinoy students from Makati private school iAcademy have built a drone prototype that can pick up wastes and measure ocean acidity or seawater pH.

A thesis capstone project, OCDRON is designed to be an intelligent solution for addressing water pollution that is detrimental to aquatic ecosystems and to humans who depend on safe, potable sources of water. The drone is controlled via a mobile app and has solar panels to recharge its battery.

As the students built the drone in less than two months with a budget under Php25,000, they claim it is a low-cost alternative to similar prototypes already deployed in other countries.


The ocean drone can also release lime powder, a strong base that can help balance the acidity of water and help lead to better living conditions for marine life.

The undergraduate students—Allain Vincent Gaspar, Christian Gaspar, Jean Michel Gabrielle Gomez, and Mel Ivan Magsino—are pursuing a degree in computer science with a specialization in software engineering.

Mitch Andaya, incumbent dean of iAcademy’s School of Computing, hails the project as a game-changing achievement not just for the students but also for the undergraduate program.

Source: GMA News

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