Google has implemented a limit on the number of files that Drive users can have in their accounts.

According to an Ars Technica report, it was revealed that the file limit was not a technical glitch as several Reddit users had speculated. A Google representative verified with the publication that the limitation was “a preventative measure implemented for our system not to be abused in a manner that could potentially compromise its reliability and security.”

While the new limit could be a possible issue for some, it is not really a cause for concern for most. Google’s file limit of 5 million is significantly higher than the average user’s Drive account usage. According to the company, only a very small number of users have been impacted by this issue.

Google’s recent rollout of the file limit feature was not accompanied by any public statement. This feature has been reportedly in effect since February, leaving some customers confused. Unfortunately, the news is particularly concerning for those who have invested significant funds into Google Workspace plan packages before the implemented Google Drive file limit.

Google One offers a storage plan of 30TB for $150/month, and an “enterprise” plan that promises unlimited storage. But with this new hard limit on the number of individual files, plenty of questions are being raised about the unlimited storage claim.

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