Amid the rise of the number of Filipinos making the shift to online-based transactions, more appears to still prefer engaging with an authentic human with their concerns instead of the streamlined, yet automated, chatbots, a study reveals.

Per the Infobip-commissioned research by Forrester Consulting, it was found that interaction with human agents on the phone is still the preferred go-between when it comes to customer service (CX) concerns, comprising the majority 42 percent of the poll. Other touchpoints include online live chat and social media, coming in at the second and third places, at 33 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

Furthermore, the study discovered a strong link between the importance of discourse with a human agent and resolving highly-emotional or complicated cases. In particular, an uptick in the CX scoring is seen based on complaint cases (a score of 3.63 from 3.37), which include general CX.

It is not just Filipinos who feel this way, however. It, in fact, sits in between China (4.0) and Malaysia (3.8) when it comes to the score, citing three criteria as the basis for benchmarking the quality of the CX—ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

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