Unless you’ve buried your head in sand, you know the world is on the brink of becoming unlivable. The growing uncertainty of the future is what led a startup company to come up with plans to store humanity’s knowledge on the Moon.

The goal is to establish a series of data centers in Earth’s only natural satellite to serve as backup for the world’s data, according to the US-based Lonestar Data Holdings.

Company founder Chris Stott thinks data is “the greatest currency” humankind has created and that our dependence on data makes it too important to store on Earth, given its increasing fragility caused by wars and climate change.

To prove the feasibility of this venture, Lonestar has contracted two missions to be carried out by Intuitive Machines under NASA’s lunar program called Commercial Lunar Payload Services.

Among the payload will be Lonestar’s hardware prototype which the company will use to test upload and download data transmissions over various bands in the radio spectrum.

Lonestar hopes its successful demo of the prototype will help raise additional funding on top of its initial $5 million seed money.

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