When running a small sari-sari store would typically depict the traditional microentrepreneur that the Philippines is generally known for by its people, it gets extra-transformative when micro-entrepreneurs incorporate the digital element in their business. And Packworks seems to encourage just that as it brings its unique platform and solutions to the sari-sari store owners.

The road to going digital has to be simple and not taxing to be feasible. Packworks, through its built-in mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is making the idea of a digital adventure to be simple, not resource-intensive, and not an intrusive experience.

Microentrepreneurs are certainly a driver of economic growth and a player in social development in their respective communities. Sharing this belief, Packworks co-founder Ibba Bernado claims that, through the tools that they provide, they are advertently helping the small businesses “see their full potential” as well as “achieve greater flexibility in their operations.” But equally as important, they help boost the income for themselves and their families.

While going digital would insinuate the need to be connected to the internet online all the time, Packworks is least demanding about it, which suggests that it can be used completely offline—making it viable even among sari-sari store owners in locations with spotty internet connectivity or no connectivity at all.

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