Technology can bring out the best in us. But it also does the complete opposite. When it comes to communication, a new study found that people online lie the most via video chat.

In terms of most lies per social interaction, video chat beats the phone, social media, texting, and even face-to-face conversation. Conversely, people lie the least often when communicating via email.

The author of the study, David M. Markowitz of the University of Oregon, believes certain factors play a huge role on the rate of lying over different forms of media. For one, he thinks some media are simply better at facilitating deception.

Markowitz’s study has also mirrored similar results of a 2004 study that observed how synchronous conversations that aren’t recorded and permanent could lead to more instances of lying.

This is why people lie least often on emails—they’re recorded messages and they’re mostly used in professional settings.

Source: The Conversation

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  1. The news of this study came as a huge shock to me. It’s possible that people tell the most fibs via video chat in order to gauge their audience’s reaction to a joke.

  2. I was very shocked to learn about this study. Video chat is perhaps where people lie the most since they want to make jokes about the listener’s reaction.