Picsart has developed an AI-powered tool that turns textual input into digital art. It works within PicArt’s mobile app and lets people create unlimited AI photos for free.

The AI text-to-image generator of Picsart is built using the combination of open-source Stable Diffusion and its own proprietary technology.

Take note that anyone can create as much original material for their own personal usage as they want, but once that material has been uploaded, it’s open to everyone else to download and share by the Picsart community.

The Picsart AI text-to-image generator is currently available on iOS and web editor. Aside from generating unlimited AI images, users can also choose from a variety of different photo styles, including filters, frames, backgrounds, and more to enhance their photos.


As a sample, check out the image above produced by @ellengrigoryan with the description of “Fantasy hut in fantasy forest, psychedelic, 3D, mystery, highly detailed, details, HDR, HD, 8K.”

If you want to see what others have done with the technology, you can check out this library of user-generated AI photos made by the Picsart community.

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