Gameboy Color

Probably one of the best device to ever hit the 90s is the GameBoy Color. It was a significant improvement over the Original Gameboy and influenced a lot of gamers during that time.

Major Differences

  • Display – 32k colors over 4 Shades of “Gray”
  • Processor – 8MHz 8-bit Zilog over 4.19 MHz custom Sharp LR35902
  • RAM – 32kB RAM/ 16kBVRAM over 8kB S-RAM/8kB VRAM
  • Battery – 2AA (30 Hours) over 4AA (35 Hours)
  • Infrared Port – One over none
  • Backwards Compatibility

Pokemon - Gameboy #Throwback - NoypiGeeks

The original Gameboy was already a popular hit and it had tons of games available meaning at Gameboy Color’s launch, there was already tons to play. It did not stop there as GBC gave birth to favorites people still play up to today, games like Pokemon  Series namely Yellow, Silver, Gold, and Crystal with Zelda and Super Mario Brothers, are among the many and some were even remade to today’s consoles.

The best and unrivalled experience of having the Gameboy Color was the popularity you get, everyone wanted to play one and everybody watched you play, partner that with Two-Player Gaming via the link Cable and you have yourselves pre-emptively killing hundreds of hours.

The absence of screen backlight showed no problem as gamers would find and find ways to play, admit it, you did it too. Personally, nothing could ever compare to Charizard Sizzling my opponent’s whole team or the thrill of a close match when you and your opponent would send out your last remaining Pokemon, both Starters and pit them one the battlefield, it was just awesome to reminisce those moments.

Today, Handheld and multiplayer gaming have evolved tremendously, no longer are you restricted to about ten feet as you can virtually access the whole world, Games have improved drastically also! Even though the Gameboy Color  was discontinued, it was extremely popular, and rarely, I still see some kids playing with it and it melts my heart to see my childhood friends still exists in kids, man I feel really old, haha. Well age doesn’t matter, as the saying goes:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Show

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s #TechTBT! Stay tuned for more guys!

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