The topic of unidentified objects hovering our planet’s space has been a topic of controversy and even coverup for many years. But as more and more testimonies arise on the phenomenon, it’s also become an open discussion that sees military personnel sharing first-hand accounts on the issue.

One of those credible witnesses is a now-retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, Sean Cahill, whose recent interview with CNN shed light on an event that took place back in 2004. Aboard the USS Prince, Cahill accounts how he had been an attestor to a craft that he claimed the Navy would not be able to defend against at the time.

Importantly, he also claims that the observed technology referred to as “Tic Tac” is at least “a hundred to a thousand years” more developed than what they had.

Another former Navy personnel, Ryan Graves, in an interview with CBS corroborates in his usual encounter with unusual flying objects that hover across restricted airspace in Virginia Beach, literally every day for two years.

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