Converge ICT is seeing a substantial growth in its consumer base and one which could see its active subscribers potentially getting an up to 100Mbps internet boost if 1.75 million total subscribers is reached before the end of 2021. The statement came from the company’s CEO last Wednesday.

As per Converge ICT CEO, Anthony Uy, the company is already capable of the feat as underpinned by the technology it has harnessed.

Just last year, Converge ICT’s baseline subscribers saw an increase in their internet speed from 25Mbps to 35Mbps, following a milestone achievement of 1 million subscribers.

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In an interview with ANC Market Edge, the CEO expounds on the notion by citing a technology it employs as being similar to other Asian countries, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea.

As per Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index April ranking, the aforementioned nations rank the top three when it comes to fixed broadband speeds in select regions.

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