YouTube’s recent efforts to crackdown on ad blockers have resulted in a significant backlash from users, who are now installing more advanced ad-blocking software. Instead of complying with YouTube’s warning, many users are even switching to different browsers altogether.

This move by YouTube, which started as an experiment and eventually evolved into a full roll out, seems to have had mixed results. While some users have uninstalled ad blockers in response to the crackdown, a far greater number are turning to better ad-blocking solutions that are not affected by YouTube’s measures.

According to a report from WIRED, users in the hundreds of thousands have uninstalled ad blockers last month, likely in response to YouTube’s intensified efforts. However, data indicates that an even larger number of people are installing alternative ad-blocking software that evades YouTube’s detection.

More than 90% of users that used extensions cited the failure to block ads on YouTube as the primary reason for uninstalling. On the other hand, AdGuard, another ad-blocking tool, reported a significant increase in uninstallations on Google Chrome, reaching 11,000 per day on October, with a peak of 52,000 on October 18th. Interestingly, the Personal and Family version of AdGuard remains unaffected by YouTube’s ban, leading to a surge in installations.

As YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown intensifies, users are actively seeking better alternatives. Some are turning to platforms like NewPipe, a YouTube client that allows users to watch videos without ads.

Industry experts, such as Modras, caution that YouTube’s efforts may prompt the development of more sophisticated ad-blocking tactics, potentially leading to unintended security vulnerabilities.

For users looking for other alternatives, uBlock Origin still reportedly works on Firefox. Adblock Plus has also provided suggestions on how users can bypass YouTube’s anti-ad-blocking measures. But if money is not an issue, users have the option to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which eliminates ads altogether.

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