Physical cards of collectible card games, when printed in short supply, are often sought after by collectors and can reach millions in value in auctions. Such is the case of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card called Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

This card is quite rare as there have been only 500 copies printed. In a recent online auction at the Alibaba platform, the highest bid reached $13.4 million for this card.

The auction was initiated by the judicial Chuzhou court in China, which auctioned the possessions of an embezzler convicted in 2020. Besides the rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card, he owned a PlayStation 4 console that’s adorned with gold and diamonds.

However, Alibaba ultimately canceled the auction after it suspected malicious bidding behavior while noting how far off the amount was from the actual bidding price.

Trading card collectors believe the value of the card to be at least only $31,000, which is still pretty much outrageously high for such a piece of paper.

Source: SCMP

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