The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) revealed last Friday that they have arrested five people who were said to be linked to the recent Banco De Oro (BDO) hack.

The said hack happened last month, where 700 holders of BDO online bank accounts were breached with the funds transferred to other accounts to purchase crypto.

Now, the NBI presented five people they have arrested, which consists of two Nigerians and three Filipinos, who are said to be part of the Mark Nagoyo Heist Group, the people behind the BDO hack.


As per the NBI, they were able to catch the two Nigerians via an informant who had transactions with them. The two were arrested after an entrapment operation headed by the Cybercrime Division in Mabalacat, Pampanga last Tuesday.

The Nigerians are also said to be selling illegally-obtained devices that can cash out money.

Meanwhile, one of the Filipino suspects, named Mr. Taupa, was arrested via a buy-bust operation as he was selling a phishing website — also in Pampanga. The other two Filipinos were identified in a separate operation as the web developer and downloader.

It’s also said that Mr. Taupa was one of the key people behind the selling of imitation GCash webpage, which collects data from unsuspecting users thinking it’s the official website.

In a different report, it’s said that the NBI is looking into more people linked in the recent BDO hack. The cybercrime division’s head said that more people have been identified, but no other details were given.

The department also said that another unnamed bank was being targeted and they’ve already notified the said company.

Via: Business World, ABS-CBN News

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