Back in August, NetEase Games teased its Project M mobile game, which looks a lot like Valorant. Now, the game has a final name, Hyper Front.

NetEase Games’ Hyper Front has a new trailer featuring its heroes and their respective abilities — all of which look a lot like what Valorant offers. Actually, this isn’t surprising, since the developer is known for creating copycats of popular games. These are the same people that came up with Rules of Survival, a battle royale mobile game that’s been heavily inspired by PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Riot Games already announced that Valorant is coming to smartphones soon. For now, mobile gamers could settle with Hyper Front, which should be fine since everything is pretty much the same, albeit its quality is yet to be judged.

For one, Valorant’s hero, Sage, has been copy-pasted with the name “Elixir”, with the same ability to revive teammates.

Other than the characters and their abilities, even the UI has been copied. The HUD in Brimstone’s wristbands made its way to the Valorant wannabe. You can check all the Hyper Front characters and their special abilities below and see if you can tell where they were copied from.

As you can see, even the stylistics and video transitions from the trailers have been heavily inspired by Valorant. On the upside, Hyper Front will give gamers something to play with until the real one comes out.

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