Chinese internet and video game company, NetEase, has revealed that beta testing for its new 5v5 tactical shooter called Project M is now up. What’s interesting is, the trailer shows that it looks a lot like Riot Games’ Valorant.

In fact, even the name can be considered as inspiration from Valorant, which used to be called Project A (a.k.a Project Ares) during development. Heck, even the animation and graphics style of the trailer looks like a direct copy.

The trailer claims that the game focuses on “sharp gunplay” with a showcase of different guns that looks a lot like Valorant’s. Even some of the characters’ “special abilities” are an exact copy from the former.

Apparently, NetEase is one of the top competitors of Tencent, Riot Games’ parent company. Instead of competing Valorant in the PC space, NetEase is shooting for the profitable mobile market.

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The Project M beta is now available for Android devices. The official release date is not revealed. But now that it’s in beta, it may actually launch first than the official Valorant Mobile game.

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