We were introduced to under-display (UD) cameras last year. It was quite promising as it could finally put an end to the industry’s search to fully eliminate bezels and notches.

However, despite being sold to market-ready smartphones, the first-generation tech felt a lot like a prototype. People are reporting poor image quality and weird display artifacts from it.


However, it looks like the industry made giant progress with the second-gen UD camera technology. After ZTE launched their sequel with the Axon 30, OPPO also revealed that their 2nd-gen UD camera tech is ready.

The technology was co-developed with one of China’s major display makers, BOE. Apparently, they were able to improve the quality of the display on the top of the camera and the image quality itself.


Both companies were able to create a pixel geometry that can shrink the size of individual pixels on the display area that hides the camera. They apparently managed to make it 400ppi, which should theoretically make the camera behind it invisible.

OPPO also used a new transparent wiring material, replacing the traditional one, which allows more light to pass through that can improve the image quality.


Moreover, OPPO has also innovated how pixels are powered. Traditionally, a single pixel circuit is used to drive two pixels. But what OPPO did is two have one pixel drive one pixel.

This works alongside the “precise algorithmic compensation technology” so the entire screen brightness will be controlled with a deviation of around 2%. All this results in a more seamless display quality anywhere on the screen.

OPPO second-gen UD camera sample

OPPO, with its Research Institute in the U.S., developed AI algorithms to make images look better. One of the main issues from the first-gen UD camera is blurredness and glares. OPPO has trained its AI model to solve such issues.

But unlike ZTE, OPPO didn’t mention any market-ready device that will feature this technology. Chances are, Samsung and/or Xiaomi will beat them to the punch.

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