As the banking system becomes more advanced and high-tech, so as the thieves who are after other people’s money — even the hardworking teachers.

In the wake of the recent BDO hack, it looks like bank thieves are at it again. As per the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) some of its members apparently lost at least Php26,000 up to Php121,000 after their Landbank accounts were apparently hacked.

As per the coalition, some teachers reported that their money was stolen after it’s been transferred to other bank/e-wallets from their Landbank payroll accounts.

It is said that each teacher lost around Php26,000 up to Php121,000, “or from their regular salary and holiday bonuses to lifetime savings.”

Benjo Basas, TDC chair, said that he already notified the Department of Education (DepEd) regarding the issue.

In a statement, Basas said that:

“Nagtitiwala kami sa Landbank na secured ang bawat account ng mga guro at empleyado, kahit pa sa online banking system nila, pero bakit may mga ganitong pangyayari?”

“Hindi po ito biro kasi malaking halaga na para sa aming mga guro ang isang buwang sahod o ang aming bonus, lalong masakit kung ang pinag-ipunan mong pera nang matagal ay mawawala nang ganun na lang,”

William Montecalvo, one of the victims, said that he received 13 one-time password (OTP) requests back on November 12, prompting him to alert it to his Landmark branch. Just the next day, he discovered that Php121,000 has already been stolen from his funds, which were apparently transferred to an e-wallet account.

Crisanto Cruz, another victim, lost a total amount of Php84,815 after Php50,025 was sent to an e-wallet account and another Php34,379 to a bank account.

The TDC chair stressed that Landbank should be held accountable for the incident. The coalition is also asking the help of DepEd to help get the money back to its members.

TDC is also asking teachers from the private sector to report to the authorities if they had experienced similar incidents.


In a statement, Landbank claims that their systems were not hacked and that the teachers may have been a victim of phishing.

Landbank said that:

“The Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) clarifies that its systems were not hacked and remain secure, following reports that alleged unauthorized transactions were experienced by two teachers who maintain payroll accounts with LANDBANK,”

“According to the initial investigation by LANDBANK, the devices of the teachers were hacked via phishing which compromised their personal information,”

Landbank added that they’ve already contacted other affected clients and is working to fix the “isolated cases” immediately.

Via: Inquirer.net

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