Big telco names have been ramping up their infrastructure upgrades to improve services. Smaller names like PT&T are also hard at work to better serve their users and reach more people.

Now, the company reported that it will utilize very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellites to improve its nationwide presence. PT&T teamed up with Singapore’s Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd. to make this project possible.

Compared to traditional DSL and Fiber connections, VSAT doesn’t require heavy and complex cables. With that, PT&T aims to bring high-speed satellite internet at a cheaper cost.


This doesn’t mean that PT&T will stop using modern technologies to improve its services. In fact, the company said that they still aim to improve its fiber infrastructure to meet the growing demand of Filipinos.

However, with VSAT, the company recognizes the need for a fast and reliable internet connection of unserved and underserved people and businesses.

The PT&T broadband satellite internet will be powered by the high-throughput Ka-band satellite Kacific 1 by the Singaporean firm, which spans the Asia Pacific.

With this technology, PT&T will reach users in remote and far-flung areas, using roof-mounted VSAT dishes that can send and receive data.

For those who are not familiar with PT&T, they have a 25-year franchise to establish, maintain, and operate wired and wireless telco systems for both domestic and international communications. They already have 22,800km of fiber infra that reaches about 40% of the Philippine population.

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