It appears the official websites of two of the largest TV networks in the Philippines are experiencing an outage.

It appears that the problem started on Thursday at midnight. There are Twitter users who are saying that both the ABS-CBN and GMA Network websites are down since then.

8 hours later, they are still inaccessible. Rappler reports that they tried accessing both websites from different internet providers: Smart, Globe, and Converge, but to no avail. Although, ABS-CBN was accessible on Sky Broadband, but GMA isn’t.

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They also tried using VPN, to which both sites are accessible in select countries at varying hours.

User who try to access both sites are shown with the “Your connection is not private” warning on Google Chrome.


This warning points out to a possible issue in the security certificate of a website.

In a statement, ABS-CBN said that the issue has been resolved, but site visitors can still experience issues in the next 24 hours. The media company said that they are working with their partners to investigate the cause of the issue.


As of writing, the ABS-CBN website is now working. Albeit, the GMA website is still down.

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